From Field to Bottle: The Story Behind Lavender Farming and Production

There are countless plants in the world that bring a certain benefit or benefit to each of us. Each of those plants requires suitable conditions in which they need to be grown. Besides, as we have already said, each of those plants brings some benefit which is a huge plus for people. One of those plants is lavender. This plant has a large number of benefits for humans and human health, and some of them are anxiety reduction and calming, hair care in the state of hair loss, antibacterial effect, beneficial effect in PMS in women, and many other benefits. But in order to have this plant, it is necessary to grow it in specific conditions that the plant itself demands.

Like any plant, lavender needs to meet certain conditions, and in order to grow lavender it is necessary to be exposed to the sun most of the time, to be planted in soil that is of medium humidity, and to be monitored frequently. An example of excellent lavender cultivation comes to us from Lavender Farm Ontario, which grows an excellent and high-quality sample of this plant, and Hereward Farms is just one of a large number of producers in this part of the world. But what exactly is needed to have lavender from seed to a stem that will then be processed to feel the benefits?

Since we know how important it is and how much effort is needed to get a final quality product, today we will talk about it in a little more detail. Today we are going to explain the lavender farming process that producers around the world go through, so let’s get to know the whole process better together in order to find out how much attention and care is required. Let’s get started!

What kind of soil is needed to grow lavender?


In order to make a farm on which this purple plant with a beautiful flower will be grown, it is necessary to find the most suitable soil for that purpose. So what kind of soil should be sought if there is a desire to open a farm for this type of plant? You need to look for an area that has dry or medium moisture soil that is most ideal for growing this magical plant. If such soil is found, all that remains is to take advantage of it and plant the lavender to obtain large quantities of oil or flower that would then bring benefits to each of us humans.

How much oil can be obtained from one hectare of lavender?


According to experienced farmers, it is necessary to grow this plant measuredly, with a lot of effort and dedication so that it has a quality appearance and is in good condition. If you achieve this in the given period, there is a possibility to get from 18 kg to 30 kg of oil per one hectare of a planted plant of this type. It would be a success for growers because this plant is used in many directions, and the use of the oil obtained from this plant in the direction of beauty, care, and calm in stressful situations is especially highlighted.

Is there just one type or multiple types of lavender and do they have the same benefits for humans?


Like every plant that exists in the world, it is good to know if this plant has its own subspecies, that is if there are other species of this plant in the lavender family. Wondering if there are other types? The answer is positive, there are several other species of this worldly plant that bring equal benefits to those we have already mentioned, but also look almost the same without any major differences in appearance. Most of the time, the basic variant can be seen all over the world, and you can see the others most often in India, which is considered a large producer of this plant, but also in parts of Canada and other major lavender-producing countries.

Can it be grown in every part of the world?

Some of you are sure that lavender can be grown in artificial conditions, but this is not the case. Why? Because it requires daylight and natural conditions such as dry or semi-dry soil and soil full of nutrients. It is for this reason that this plant can only be grown in certain parts of the world, and only part of those areas are parts of America, parts of Asia, and a large part of Europe where you can also find a considerable number of farms that grow such a plant.

Are farms the only way to get quality lavender?


If we are talking about a mass production method that will later be used for cosmetics, pharmacy, or any of the other branches, it is necessary to know that quality lavender is obtained exclusively on farms. However, there are certain conditions and certain things that need to be fulfilled in order to obtain a quality stem with a quality flower that will then give natural and quality extracts that will be used. That is why it is good to know that mass cultivation is a method that is preceded by training, improvement of knowledge, and experience in order to obtain a final product that would be of quality and would be used for a specific purpose.


Although most of us think that growing lavender is a simple process that can be organized and carried out in any way and anywhere, there are still certain conditions that must be met, there are certain knowledge that growers must have and of course – it is necessary to have a farm to implement it all. That is why today we have conveyed to you some of the most important information that you need to know about this plant in order to be familiar with the processes, but also the conditions that this purple flower should have in order to feel its benefits.