DIY Decking Projects: Tips and Tricks for the Ambitious Homeowner

Building a deck is a great way to decorate the space in your backyard. It’s more natural than concrete, and can really help you create a small oasis where you can enjoy with your friends and family.

If you don’t have required skills and experience, you can always hire a professional for this project. On the other hand, it can be even better when you do it yourself.

If you are capable of that, start by making a project. Create a detailed plan, gather all necessary tools, and make sure to get high-quality materials. You can also build a fence around the deck. If you are interested in wooden panels, check out NeoTimber.

Now, I will help you get your perfect project by sharing some important tips and tricks.

Start With Materials for the Base

The first step must be about the wood you will use for the decking. Keep in mind that investing more in a higher quality can lead to longer durability and resistance.

The wood must be capable withstand rain, snow, and pressure. The selection depends on the size as well as other factors. For example, a smaller deck can be built only with wood. And that is for the whole construction. However, if you want a larger surface, where you will place table, chairs, or BBQ grill and other items, the base should include steel under the surface to hold everything.

If you are more into budget-friendly solutions, then stick to the wood for all details. Also, don’t forget the tools. You will need high-resistance screws that can hold everything without issues. Premium quality stainless steel is what you need for this project. That’s just not something where you will want to save money.

The Next Step is to Build Railings

The Next Step is to Build Railings

We already mentioned the fence. A lot of people may think it is unnecessary. But, having a stable one will surely improve the safety. That is especially important if you have kids. It’s quite a simple solution. All you need to do is to pick the wood that will go well with the base. You can choose the same appearance, or add some contrast.

If you are trying to spend less money, then search the market, and look for more affordable solutions. Some models of fences can be quite expensive. Still, you can always upgrade this part over time. Therefore, you can install a cheaper one for the start.

Follow a Detailed Plan

Once you gathered materials and tools, it is crucial to make a plan that you will strictly follow all the time. It is about the design and all the features you are planning to add to make your decking more unique.

So, consider the size, appearance, color, and other features. The best part is that you can be creative. There are no strict rules that you must follow when it comes to design. But the creative part is more about the additional features that you will add after the base is finished.

You Will Need a Strong Base

You Will Need a Strong Base

We said that steel and quality wood are used for the base, but there is also a foundation for everything. For that, you must use concrete. The concrete foundation will go under the base, where you will place wooden posts to hold everything. The number of posts depends on the size of the surface. Besides that, don’t forget the proper water isolation under it. You don’t want water to collect under the base and endanger your house.

When you build a proper foundation, it can serve well for decades. However, it is never advised to play around with this part if you don’t have enough experience. In that matter, even though this is a DIY project, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire professionals for some parts of it.

Don’t Rush With Spacing

The space between wooden boards on the floor may gain bigger gaps over time. You must keep that in mind when placing them over the surface. The best solution is to fix them tight to each other. Leave only about 0.2 inches between.

Also, keep in mind that this part can be more challenging. It requires patience. Each piece of the board must be tightened properly. Wood can distort over time. Therefore, using a very long board pieces is also not a good solution.

If you are building a large deck, this simply isn’t something you will be able to finish all alone, or it will take a long time. So call for help, you can check with friends and neighbors, or simply hire some assistance.

Play Around With Design


This is the part where you can get very creative. First of all, we have to mention the lights. With all sorts of new models available on the market, this should be more of a fun part than a challenge. And what’s even better is the fact that you simply cannot go wrong here.

You don’t like the current settings? Just but some new sets of lights. You can install those with sensors, dimmers, or mix different colors. An excellent addition would be to add some plants around. For example, in each corner. Imagine a space surrounded by flowers, with a table in the middle. But think twice about the BBQ grill if you want to add flowers. Move these two on opposite sides of the deck.

Check If you Need a Permit

A project like this can annoy your neighbors. You know, all the noise. If there are people in your area you don’t know very well, there is a chance they might report you. So, check out if you need a permit for this project, and be sure to get one before the start.

Last Words

And there you have it. This is quite a simple project that can significantly improve the appearance of your house. The best part is that you will get a new area in your home reserved for spending some quality time.